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Office Hours:


7:45 AM – 4pm


7:45 AM -noon


FAX: 407-363-2869

Postal address:

7300 Sandlake Commons Blvd.
Suite 105
Orlando, FL 32819


To save time at your visit please fill out and print patient information forms before your visit.   Remember to bring the forms in with you 🙂



New Patients: Please be aware that only certain insurance plans are accepted.  If you have any questions please call our office before your appointment.  It is your responsibility to verify that we are on your plan.  You may have to contact them by calling their toll free number on the back of your card.

We see many patients out of network and those that do not have insurance.  Since we do not have to file and follow up on the insurance claims, we pass the savings on to our patients by giving a 20% discount off our standard fee schedule when payment is made at time of service.

If the patient is under 18 years of age we cannot see them without a parent or legal guardian.

Ladies, please do not wear any makeup, i.e. foundation or cover up.  You may want to bring makeup with you to apply after your examination.

Unlike some dermatology offices we do not use physician extenders (nurse practitioners or physician assistants) in place of the specialist.  You will be seen and diagnosed by Dr. Meisenheimer, a board certified dermatologist and board certified Mohs Surgeon. 

Emergencies:  Fortunately dermatology has very few true emergencies, but situations do arise that may require more immediate attention.

Some examples of conditions that may need to be seen more promptly are: Bleeding growths, Bleeding surgery site, Infected surgery sites.


If you have a problem please do not wait until the end of the day to contact us, the earlier you call the more of a chance we can see you that day.


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