Frequently asked Questions Regarding Orlando Botox® Treatments

How safe is Botox®… ?

Botox® is the number one cosmetic procedure begin done in the United States and one of the reasons is because of it’s excellent safety profile. Extreme side effects are rare and occasional side effects such as bruising, headache and numbness are usually transient. It about one percent over relaxation of muscles may occur in areas not intended. Happily this effect is not permanent and will resolve. There are few contraindications for Botox®. We do not treat during pregnancy or in those with certain neuromuscular diseases, but for the majority it is safe to use. We do Orlando Botox Treatments with great care.

How painful is the procedure and who does the procedure.?

Very little discomfort is noticed by most. Anesthesia is not required. Most gauge the pain involved from none to a slight stinging. Dr. Meisenheimer administers all the Botox® treatments himself.

How many treatments will be needed

Only one Orlando Botox treatment is typically needed. We do see new patients in follow up in 2 weeks at that time any touch ups needed will be done.

How long does Botox® last?

In first time areas of injection Botox® typically lasts from 3 to 6 months. With repeat injections Botox® does not lose it’s effectiveness and in many it may last longer from 6 to 12 months.

How long do the treatments take?

Orlando Botox Treatments are very quick and can be done during most office visits. Effects from the treatment start in about 3 days and reach their peak in about 1 week.

What is the recovery time following the treatment?

There is really no recovery time after the Orlando Botox treatment. We ask you to maintain a vertical position for the next 3-4 hours and not to massage or manipulate the treatment sites. This helps prevent migration of the Botox® into unintended muscles. We also ask that you repeatedly contract the muscles you are trying to relax this better helps the medicine to enter the chosen areas.

How much does it cost?

We bill per unit of Botox® used (currently $14.40 per unit). The amount needed will vary from procedure to procedure, but you only pay for what you use. For example: on average we use 25 units of Botox® to treat the frown lines in the typical female patient. I can give you an estimate of the cost prior to the procedure.

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