Orlando, What is a Chemical Peel?

This patient information and photographs on Chemical Peels is provided by John L. Meisenheimer, M.D. a board certified Dermatologist and board certified Mohs surgeon based in Orlando, Florida. This information is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice or treatment of a dermatologist or other physician.

What is a Chemical Peel?

That’s the question. Dramatic improvement in discoloration and skin texture following mid-strength chemical peel done by Dr. Meisenheimer.

I am currently not doing mid-strength chemical peels. I am now recommending laser facial rejuvenation as an alternative. We are still doing Beta Peels which is a very nice superficial peel that has very little downtime.

Orlando Chemical Peels


About Chemical Peels

A considerable amount of confusion exists about chemical peels among individuals considering cosmetic procedures.

There are several different types of chemical peels:

Light Peels

…..show slight improvements in pigmentation and texture of the skin. There is no improvement of dilated blood vessels and red patches, there is also no improvement in scarring or pore size. There is no collagen stimulation. Multiple treatments are required, cost and side effects are low. There is little recovery time. A variety of different peeling agents can be used.

Mid Strength

….more dramatic improvement in pigmentation and texture of the skin. Some improvement in fine wrinkles. Little effect on dilated blood vessels and red patches. Slight effect on superficial scars. Little effect on collagen stimulation. Medium to high cost. Moderate recovery time 1-2 weeks.  We no longer offer mid-strength peels.

Deep Peels

…….dramatic improvement in pigmentation and texture. Can remove wrinkles and scarring with visible tightening of the skin. Increased risk for scarring and hypo pigmentation. High cost. Long recovery period 4-6 weeks. We no longer offer deep peels.

Laser facial rejuvenation

Laser facial rejuvenation does not have the dramatic results of a deep chemical peel, but it also does not have as many side effects, there is no recovery time and the expense is less. With a series of the laser facial rejuvenation, the results can be similar to a mid strength peel with the added benefits of decreased dilated blood vessels and red blotches plus a stimulation of collagen formation. Improvements in pore size and reduction of scars have been noted in some. As with chemical peels, results can vary from individual to individual.

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