Orlando Fast Acne Treatment, Beta Peels

The Beta peel is a very elegant superficial peel. Unlike other superficial peels the Beta Peel generally has little or no downtime.
The safety profile is excellent and these peels can be done on most skin types.  It is a very brief procedure done usually in about 5 minutes and there is no pain, only an occasional mild stinging in some individuals.

In my practice I have found the Beta peel to be very useful for my acne patients that want faster results than can be provided by conventional treatment. We use these peels in conjunction with standard therapies with excellent response in most patients. We see a
quicker response in reduction of the inflammatory pimples and a faster resolution of brown discoloration and a smoothing of the skin. Many of our clients come in for Orlando Fast Acne Treatments.

R. M. says “I definitely had faster clearing of my acne following the Beta Peels and my skin felt so much better.”

Beta Peels are also very popular for those that have photo damage to their skin (which is almost everyone that lives in Florida). The Beta
peel helps exfoliate the outer skin layer softening very fine lines, lightening some pigmentation, and minimizing tiny surface imperfections.

My patients have been pleased with the healthy skin glow that occurs from the Beta Peel. This procedure can be done at a reasonable
price for those that cannot afford laser facial rejuvenation .

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