Orlando Pediatric Consultations

Dr. Meisenheimer does not treat new pediatric
cases unless it is for a surgical consultation (Mohs surgery) or for patch testing. The consult  must be requested by your dermatologist or pediatric dermatologist.

The request for consult must be in writing and signed
by your dermatologist
.  It does not have to be complicated and
can be written on a prescription or note pad.

The written request for a consultation
must include four items:

1. The patient’s name

2. The words or phrase “Consult or Consultation”
(The word Referral is not acceptable)

3. The condition or problem the consult is being
requested on.

4. The signature of the doctor

When you have received the request for consultation from your
dermatologist you can either fax it to our office 407-363-2869 or bring it
by and the schedule the appointment.

After the consultation Dr. Meisenheimer will send a written
report to your doctor.

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