Orlando Pre-Operative Instructions

Orlando Pre-Operative Instructions. Please do not take any aspirin, aspirin containing products or Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) 7 days prior to your surgery (these products increase the bleeding during the procedure). If you have been placed on these products on the recommendation of your doctor please contact him/her prior to you discontinuing the medicine for their approval.

If you are on Coumadin or Plavix please check with your doctor to see if you can stop it or lower the dose a few days before the surgery.

Certain herbal medications can increase your risk for bleeding during surgery. Please stop taking garlic, ginkgo, ginseng and ginger at least 72 hours prior to your surgery. If you need pain medicine you may take Tylenol.

If you smoke your surgery site will heal better if you discontinue smoking for 48 hours prior to the procedure and during the recovery period. Even better, just stop smoking today and never restart.

No Alcohol 24 hours prior to the surgery and 24 hours after…sorry, it makes you bleed easier.

Try not to eat or drink two hours prior to the surgery.

The amount of time you will need to plan on being in the office will vary from procedure to procedure. I f you are scheduled in for Mohs surgery please make yourself available for the entire day. Most other surgeries you will need to plan on from one to two hours office time.

Skin surgeries do not typically need prophylactic antibiotics.

You may need someone to drive you home following the surgery. This may vary from procedure to procedure.

You may take a sedative on the day of the procedure, but if you do, have someone drive you home.

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