Orlando Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Meisenheimer is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, Basal Cell, Squamous Cell and Melanoma. He has successfully treated over 10,000 cases since opening his practice in Orlando.

Dr. Meisenheimer is one of the few dermatologists in the central Florida area to use epiluminescence microscopy extensively as an aid to diagnosis of skin cancer.

When a diagnosis of skin cancer is suspected, a biopsy is taken to confirm the type and growth pattern. In order to provide his patients the highest level of care possible he requires that the lab has the specimen examined by a dermatopathologist who is a pathologist that specializes in diseases and cancers of the skin. All pathology reports are reviewed by Dr. Meisenheimer and if a cancer is diagnosed Dr. Meisenheimer contacts and discusses the diagnosis with the patient himself.

Dr. Meisenheimer strongly believes that each cancer be evaluated based on its own circumstance and that the treatment plan be individually developed. One specific treatment is not right for all skin cancers. Dr. Meisenheimer chooses from several different modalities to treat the cancer based on what he believes will give a combination of high cure rate and good cosmetic result.

Symptoms suggesting a lesion may be a problem include: A rapidly growing lesion, bleeding, color changes, itching or tenderness. Although there are many algorithms out there describing skin cancer, we believe it is best to be evaluated by a specialist if you think there is remotely a possibility that you have a problem.

The absolute worst reason for delaying seeing a dermatologist is the following quote “I was afraid to have it checked because I thought it might be a cancer”.

Early detection is the key for successful outcomes!

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