This patient information on Nickelsulfate Hexahydrate is provided by John L. Meisenheimer, M.D. a board certified Dermatologist and skin care specialist based in Orlando, Florida. This information is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice or treatment of a dermatologist or other physician.

The results from your patch testing showed a positive reaction (contact allergy) to Nickel sulfate hexahydrate. Your immune system reacts with its defense mechanisms with each exposure of Nickel sulfate hexahydrate to your skin. It is unknown why certain individuals develop allergic sensitivities. In some it may take repeat exposures over long periods of time before an allergy develops. Once you have become sensitized (allergic) your immune system always “remembers” and you will be Nickel sulfate hexahydrate sensitive. If you currently have eczema this chemical may be the cause but other factors may play a role as well. The information below will help you avoid this allergen.

Sensitivity to the metal nickel is most frequently seen from wearing jewelry and metal objects on clothing (zippers, snaps, etc.).

Where is chemical found?

Chinese silver
Costume jewelry
Dental bridges
Electroplated metal
Eye cosmetics
German silver
Green dyes
Keys and key chains
Machinery parts
Machining oils used to cool metals for grinding or cutting.
Nickel-plating for alloys
Orthopedic plates
Spectacle frames
Stainless steel
Working solutions of metal cutting fluids

Hints on avoiding chemical:

Individuals that have piercings are ten times more likely to develop contact dermatitis to nickel than their nonpierced cohorts

Minimize contact with nickel. Jewelry and other metals can be easily tested with a chemical test, which can be bought over the counter. The kit is called dimethylglyoxime test and can be ordered through your pharmacy.

Always Check product labels and use only ingredient labeled products that do not list this chemical or its synonyms.
Jewelry that can be worn includes 18-carat gold, stainless steel, and platinum.
Choose products listed only on your personalized contact allergen database, which has been provided to you. Products listed on your contact allergen resource database will be free of Nickel sulfate hexahydrate and safe to use.
It may take 2 to 3 weeks of avoiding exposure before improvement of your eruption begins.

Other names you may see this chemical listed as:

Nickelsulfate hexahydrate
Nickel Sulfate
Niccolum Sulfuricum

Possible Occupational Exposure:

Metal Plating machine operators
Textile workers

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