Orlando Cysts Treatment, Digital Mucous Cyst

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What is it?

Orlando Cysts Treatment, Digital Mucous CystDigital mucous cysts are cysts that grow near the end of the finger between the nail and first joint. They are skin color to pink and appear rubbery and translucent. If it is opened a cell jelly like material leaks out. Digital mucous cysts are more commonly found in middle-aged to elderly women.

What causes it?

Why a person grows this cyst in unknown. Some believe that the cysts may have been started by previous minor trauma to the area.

Is it dangerous?

Orlando Cysts Treatment,   Digital Mucous CystFor the typical healthy person, digital mucous cysts are harmless. It is not a cancer or related to cancer. With time they may cause the nail plate to become deformed and in some cases they may be painful.

Can it be cured?

There are several treatment options but recurrences are common.

Will it spread?

Orlando Cysts Treatment,   Digital Mucous CystNo, digital mucous cysts stays localized to the fingers, and less commonly to the toes.

Is it contagious?

Digital Mucous Cysts are not contagious and you cannot “catch them” from anyone.

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