Orlando Free Dermatology Information


For links regarding specific diseases or dermatology procedures go to the disease database and click on the skin disease. Skin Disease Database.

www.AAD.org American Academy of Dermatology web site. Some great patient information.

www.NationLaw.com Is your insurance company being a stinker. Give these guys a call they have helped my patients.

Fun Links

WWW.TeamOrlando.com Masters swimming information in the Orlando Area.

WWW.YMCAAQUATICCENTER.com Best place to swim and workout in Central Florida

WWW.LuckysLakeSwim.com If you are an open water swimmer, you will want to find out how you can do the Aquatica 1K enter the food chain swim.

www.Yo-Yos.net Everything you could possibly want to know about collecting yo-yos.

www.yo-yoguy.com Best place to buy yo-yos off the web.

www.totalteamwares.com best place to buy racing suit and other swimming supplies

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